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Danielle and Bryce | Hornell, NY Wedding

June 04, 2014  •  1 Comment

I first met Danielle and Bryce in the Fall when they came up to Rochester for their engagement shoot. I'm sure I'm like everyone who meets them in that I felt like I knew them instantly. It's so easy to see that they are crazy about each other, their love is just contagious. Their engagement shoot was far and away one of my favorites ever, so I was thrilled to be heading to their hometown of Hornell to photograph their wedding day. 

Danielle and Bryce have known each other forever, so their family and friends have known each other forever. Their wedding felt like the most beautiful family reunion. There was so much support and love in one room, it was astounding. May 24 was a gorgeous day for a wedding, and their day had been planned to an immaculate T. What a wonderful celebration of two people who have known each other most of their lives and who one day recognized how special their relationship could really be. 

Even the locations had so much meaning:

Their wedding reception was at The Main Place in Hornell, a stunning venue owned and recently renovated by Danielle's father.

We took photos at Twin Hickory Golf Club, managed by Bryce himself. 

I was lucky enough to be assisted by the lovely Emily Baker. Thanks so much, Emily! 

Congratulations, Danielle and Bryce! 



Martha B-D(non-registered)
Such a fun wedding! I love St. Ann's, it is a gorgeous church. Hornell really has some amazing architectural features to it, so great to see that displayed.
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